Penny Water Jug With Handle and Spout

TSh 24,900



Features: Made of high-quality glass, which is durable and easy to clean Classic design that will complement any kitchen or table décor Perfect for serving water, juice, iced tea, and other beverages Large capacity (1.1L) to hold enough liquid for a group of people Comes with a spout for easy pouring Dishwasher safe Benefits: Enjoy your favorite beverages in style with this elegant glass pitcher Serve your guests refreshing drinks at parties and gatherings Keep your drinks hydrated and fresh all day long Easy to clean and maintain Potential uses: Serving water, juice, iced tea, and other beverages Storing drinks in the fridge Transporting drinks to parties and picnics Making infused water or sun tea As a decorative piece in your kitchen or dining room

Bidhaa Zinazofanana