OKS-1057Oks Sponge Scourer 5pcs

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Long Lasting Cleaning: These dishwasher and kitchen super absorbent sponges were made to last longer than your average sponge. Featuring tougher materials and a better construction than most sponges, these kitchen scrubbies are sure to last you a long time Antibacterial treatment :Ultra Fresh from OKS contains a treatment that slows down the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odors. The UltraFresh Pan Scourer designed for a more hygienic and durable Abrasive fiber: The OKS Pan Scourer eliminates the most stubborn dirt on all types of surfaces. Ideal for daily cleaning. If in doubt, try this fiber made of an abrasive material on a small area of the product to be cleaned that is not visible and check that it does not scratch or damage it No Scratches: The OKS sponge is soft and firm, which is very suitable for cleaning tableware. The scouring pad does not contain industrial scrub, it can easily remove stains and will not leave scratches. Make your chores easier and get the dishwasher sponge that does the work for you. Specifications: Material POLYURETHANE + TERYLENE  Sponges  Scourer  Cleaning Kit  10.5x7x3 CM Non-Scratch Double-Sided Scrubber Sponge Brush for Dishes & Sink OKS-1057 Set 10.5x7x3CM Kitchen Cleaning Sponge,

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