Multi All Purposes Kitchen Utensils Cleaner

TSh 12,000



Features: Powerful cleaning paste that can remove tough stains, rust, and grime from kitchen utensils, ovens, and cookware Safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, and glass Easy to use - simply apply a small amount of paste to the surface to be cleaned and wipe away with a damp cloth Leaves surfaces sparkling clean and residue-free Benefits: Keep your kitchen utensils, ovens, and cookware looking their best Save time and effort on cleaning. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage surfaces. Potential uses: Cleaning pots, pans, skillets, and other cookware Cleaning ovens, stovetops, and grills Cleaning stainless steel appliances Removing rust from kitchen utensils Cleaning ceramic and glass surfaces Multi all-purpose kitchen utensil stainless steel oven and cookware cleaning paste pot pan rust cream cleaner power is a versatile and powerful cleaning paste that can help you keep your kitchen clean and sparkling. It is safe to use on a variety of surfaces and is easy to use. With its ability to remove tough stains, rust, and grime, this cleaning paste is a must-have for any kitchen. Tips: For best results, apply the cleaning paste to a damp surface. Allow the cleaning paste to sit on the surface for a few minutes before wiping it away. Use a soft cloth to wipe away the cleaning paste and avoid using abrasive scrubbers, as these can damage surfaces. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water after cleaning.

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