DEVELOPMENT AS REBELLION: A Biography of Julius Nyerere

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A Biography of Julius Nyerere by Issa G. Shivji, Saida Yahya-Othman, Ng’wanza Kamata Book One: The Making of a Philosopher Ruler Book Two: Becoming Nationalist Book Three: Rebellion Without Rebels This is the first comprehensive biography of Julius Nyerere, a national liberation leader, the first president of Tanzania and an outstanding statesman of Africa and the global south. Written by three prominent Tanzanians, the work spans over 1200 pages in three volumes. It delves into Nyerere's early days among his chiefly family, and the traditions, friends and education that moulded his philosophy and political thought. All these provide the backdrop for his entrance into nationalist politics, the founding of the independence movement and his original experiment with socialism.

Bidhaa Zinazofanana